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Safe Online Shopping is Here!

Payment methods

- Credit card (İYZICO)

- Bank transfer
- Cash on Delivery

Peace of mind, you are at the safe address for internet shopping.

Maximum security standards apply when shopping on our site.

Thanks to the Rapid SSL Security Certificate, you can freely shop on our site without risking your security.

Credit Card Security  It always uses the latest technologies and the best service providers for your security when shopping with a credit card. There is a lock under your browser on every page where you enter your personal information. This lock is a sign that any information you send with your browser will be forwarded to your bank without being seen by third parties.  does not record or store your personal information, card numbers and passwords.

Rapid SSL Security Certificate  shopping site is a shopping site with Rapid SSL 128 certificate, which is the high standard of SSL security certificates. Like all companies that want to have this certificate, our website has gone through very strict security procedures and ensured your information security with Rapid SSL.

What is SSL Certificate?

The definition of SSL is (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL provides the security of the information of the users visiting the site, not the security of the site. If the user uses a connection type that is not under his control and does not use the https protocol when he visits the site, it ensures that the user information, credit card information, etc., will be passed to a second person.

SSL Certificate Working Principle

SSL is an encryption method based on the use of keys called Public Key/Private Key. Two keys are used in SSL encryption. These keys are digitally coded software and only one key can unlock the data locked by the other. After you create your keys (this process is fully automatic), one of the keys (private key) remains on your site. The other key (public key) is sent to people who want to connect to the site. The person who wants to connect to the site secures the message he wants to send with the public key and sends it to your site. Even if this information gets into the hands of a second person on the way to your site, you still need the private key to decrypt it. Depending on the complexity of the SSL method used (40 bit, 128 bit), even if the password falls into the hands of a second person, it will take a very long time to decipher this information, even with very advanced techniques.

3D Security System

It is a system developed to increase the security of shopping transactions made with credit and debit cards over the Internet.

With these "secure virtual shopping" solutions developed by Visa and MasterCard, both cardholders and member merchants are secured against fraud. Online shopping made from virtual workplaces with Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode logos are under the guarantee of Visa.

Why is 3D Security Safe?

In the 3D Security system, during the virtual payment transaction, the bank asks the cardholder for the payment password known only to him, and the identity of the cardholder is verified. Unauthorized persons are prevented from using their cards on the internet.

How Does 3D Security Work?

The cardholder registers his card with his bank via internet banking. It defines a password and a security question-answer attached to the card. The cardholder makes his shopping in the virtual workplace compatible with the system and proceeds to the payment section. A pop-up screen will appear in front of the cardholder asking for the transaction password and personal security message from the bank. The cardholder continues the process by entering his password. The transaction is completed when the password is verified by the bank.

What 3D Security Gains?

Protection: The International Security Platform protects your existing card information with your own password and personal security phrase.

Convenience: No one other than you can shop at participating internet stores with your card. Only you can know your International Security Platform password.

Easy Registration: It is very easy to register to the system over the internet.

Easy to Use: Once registered, the International Security Platform is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is enter your password during payment. It is very easy to transfer your credit card to the 3D security system! If the bank your card belongs to supports the 3D Security application, you can register to the system through the 3-D Security window that will open before or during the shopping.

During registration, you must define a personal message with a password that you will use only in 3D Security transactions. After you register, you can continue your shopping process from where you left off and complete the transaction securely.  Wishes Safe Shopping.

Payment methods

- Credit card (İYZICO)

- Bank transfer
- Cash on Delivery

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